5050MG Managing Partner Explains Why The Majority Of Musicians Don’t Get A Record Deal

It's common for most musicians to not get signed to record deals because they make false assumptions about how this industry works. Don’t make the mistakes they make. Inform yourself and build value in your music career so you can offer it to record companies in the future. Below are three critical mistakes tons of musicians commit when trying to get recording contracts (and what you need to do instead):

Mistake #1. Their Mindset Is In Direct Conflict With Record Companies’ Goals

Many musicians think that record companies are out to “screw” musicians and otherwise condemn capitalism, businesses, and money. Companies can smell this mindset form a mile away and never work with such musicians. Musicians who become successful understand that music is a business. They do not believe there is anything wrong with earning a living doing with music and are glad to work with others in the industry so that everyone prospers. These musicians seek to add value for others in order to get value back. Everyone wins.

Focus on becoming a musician like this by always thinking of ways to offer value in any interaction you have with others. Give other people in the music industry a good reason to want to work with you. A good way to offer value to others in the music business is to grow a database of fans who you can contact at any time. When you have a huge database, record companies will seek you out.

Mistake #2. They Only Work On Developing Musical Skills

It’s a mistake to spend all of your time practicing your musical skills and songwriting when you want to grow a music career. These elements are important, but record companies look for actual business value in musicians they work with. They can find good musicians anywhere…what they want is someone who has the total package of musical skills, business mindset and other skills beyond raw musical abilities.

Set aside time each week to learn about how the music industry works. Find a mentor who shows you what to work on to make yourself a valuable asset for any music company.

Mistake #3. They Have Too Much Risk Associated With Them

If a music company is unsure of the following things, it means you have a high-risk factor to them: how strong your work ethic is, how loyal you are, your mindset and what kind of track record you have working with others in the music business. Record companies want to be sure you are the right person to work with before working with you. They need to know exactly where you stand with the things mentioned above before they even give you a chance. Seek out ways to demonstrate your value in these areas to help companies understand that working with you is a worthwhile endeavor.

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