YouTube Monetization Policies Update

Please take a moment to review the following changes to YouTube's advertising policies that will impact your YouTube monetization rates over the coming months.

Due to recent incidents of large advertisers having their ads mistakenly run on videos containing incendiary content, YouTube has announced that for the time being they are scaling back the number of videos on which they will run advertisements.

YouTube is more closely monitoring the videos on which they advertise to reassure their ad partners that their brands are being associated with the type of content they intend, as well as making certain their ad-dollars are being spent wisely. YouTube initiated this process on March 20th at its most restrictive level, with plans to bring the number of Monetized Views back up as they refine their monitoring process.

There is no immediate time-table for when they will begin bringing the Monetized Views back to normal levels, but it has already begun trending upward in the weeks since the end of March.

What this means for you

Starting the week of March 20th, YouTube's "Monetized Views" were cut down by about 40% across the platform as a whole. This means that you will likely see a correlated drop in your ad-earnings coming from YouTube (channel and Content ID) with your May or June monthly 5050 sales reporting.

Also note that your monthly transactional details will reflect a higher mix of non-monetized transactions (i.e. quantities with $0 earning). These monetization restrictions look to be relatively short-term, and we hope that YouTube is able to remedy this situation quickly.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments.

- To read YouTube's public statement on the current policies, follow this link.

- To read YouTube's advertiser-friendly content policies, follow this link.

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